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Collection of corks

Why deposit your caps?

Our common goal is to reduce the amount of plastic that is landfilled or incinerated and transform it into reusable raw material. By depositing them, you give your plastic caps a new life. They will be used to manufacture new objects dedicated to health and well-being at work inErgoSanté's production workshop, which is recognized as an Adapted Enterprise (EA).

How do we recognize the different plastics?

Plastic objects have a molded identification code that indicates the type of plastic. The caps of most bottles(water, milk, cream, oil, juice) are made of Polypropylene(triangle 5) or High Density Polyethylene(triangle 2). 100% recyclable, these plastics can be reused several times without the addition of chemicals.

You want to recycle, we help you!

- You allow people with disabilities to access employment under suitable conditions;

- You reduce your final volume at the waste disposal center and avoid pollution from landfill or incineration;

- You are a powerful lever to limit your CO2 emissions and protect natural resources;

- You engage in a responsible citizen approach by generating acircular economy.

Where/When is the collection made?

Directly at your workplace in the containers provided in your premises. Your local ErgoSanté consultant will take care of the installation and collection. The collected corks are then sent by shuttle to our factory in the Cevennes. They will then be sorted, crushed and remoulded to become new objects dedicated to health and well-being at work. Take advantage of a free local collection by contacting your ErgoSanté consultant.