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Warranty statement


The ErgoSanté manufacturer's guarantee


In order to benefit from the ErgoSanté manufacturer's warranty for your exoskeleton, it is necessary to activate it by filling out the form below. Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation email to attest your warranty. In the absence of a declaration, the date of consideration is the initial invoice from ERGOSANTÉ to the retailer. The warranty is for 12 months. It covers the proper functioning (in accordance with the instructions) of the devices supplied.



ErgoSanté's various innovative solutions

You can find all the information you need and the instructions for our products below.


HAPO FRONT exoskeleton (formerly MS)

The HAPO MS is a lightweight exoskeleton that is intuitive to use and designed to relieve strain on the upper limbs, shoulders and elbows.


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Exosquelette HAPO UP

Le HAPO UP est conçu pour soulager les membres supérieurs des travailleurs qui souhaitent limiter les sollicitations musculaires et l’apparition des TMS liés aux gestes répétitifs.


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HAPO Posture Harness

The HAPO is a revolutionary posture harness that helps the user to protect his or her back on a daily basis. It is simple to use, easy and light.


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HAPO.2 and HAPO.2 SD Posture Harnesses

The HAPO.2 is a device that assists in the handling of loads and provides trunk bending and tilting assistance.


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SHIVAEXO Exoskeleton

The SHIVAEXO exoskeleton is recommended for workplaces requiring frequent movement.


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