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EcoSiège : collection, reconditioning & recycling

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By choosing a refurbished seat over a new one, you reduce your carbon footprint by 42 kilos of CO² while helping to create local jobs.

An eco-responsible approach

EcoSiège, an industry dedicated to the recovery and transformation of used seats

Of the 2 million tons of furniture waste produced each year in France, 40% is buried, 45% is incinerated and only 15% is recycled (source Valdelia). In 2021, ErgoSanté has created its own recycling network for used seats under the EcoSiège brand in partnership with Valdelia. Its objective: to give a second use to office chairs at the end of their life.


Why recondition your seat?

A complete, innovative and recognized solution

EcoSiège reconditions, upcycles and recycles used seats that are entrusted to it for reuse. The crushed, extruded and remolded elements reintegrate the range of our reconditioned or new products via our workshop recognized Adapted Company


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A team dedicated to this service

After having bought premises dedicated to this activity, ErgoSanté invested in tools by equipping itself with crushers, press and extruder. The EcoSiège activity intends to increase its production surface in 2023. We are working on the creation of a fabric integrating used fibers and the valorization of plastic, wood, foam and metal.


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A fast and local collection network

Through our network of proximity, we recover seats everywhere in France entrusted by companies, SMEs, associations, administrations, communities or individuals who wish to dispose of them. In connection with theeco-organization partner VALDELIA, or the general services concerned, we plan your collection, identify the seats to be recovered and your future equipment needs.


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A offer that is in line with new trends


New legislative provisions encouraged by a growing concern for the preservation of the environment, coupled with soaring costs of raw materials and manufactured products, invite companies and public actors to turn to specialized services such as EcoSiège. The price of reconditioned products is 50% of the price of new ones


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An offer that boosts its CSR while optimizing its AGEFIPH / FIPHFP contribution

EcoSiège avoids 15 to 40 kg of additional waste disposal and saves the user 42kg of CO² per reconditioned seat purchased, positively affecting the beneficiary'scarbon footprint by limiting waste and reusing existing resources. A certificate given to the beneficiary allows him to register in a citizen approach which boosts his ESG and CSR while offering him the possibility tooptimize his AGEFIPH or FIPHFP contribution.

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AGEC Act: new provisions for public buyers

Since January 1, 2022, public purchasers must acquire a minimum of 20% of furniture from reuse or recycled materials in their public orders (AGEC anti-waste law). CPAM, hospitals, courts, gendarmeries, prefectures, communities, DGFiP and ARS already trust us.


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