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PAEXO SHOULDER : the reference "arm in the air" exoskeleton

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This exoskeleton is intended for use in overhead work.


Paexo Shoulder supports employees in industry, production and logistics during strenuous activities, especially when working at height. The weight of the lifted arms is transferred to the hips using a mechanical cable traction technique. The muscles and joints in the shoulder area are thus put under considerably less strain and overhead activities can be performed much more comfortably.


The Paexo Shoulder is a passive exoskeleton that supports people who perform demanding physical activities with their arms raised every day. It relieves the shoulder joints and arms, for example during overhead work in the assembly and construction sector.


100 years of expertise. The Paexo range of exoskeletons embodies the pioneering spirit of the "Made in Germany" quality label, which has proudly established itself over the last 100 years.

Lightweight - only 1.9 kg


Weighing less than two kilograms, the Paexo Shoulder is the lightest exoskeleton of its kind. It can be worn comfortably for more than eight hours and clearly relieves shoulder and arm strain when working at height.

Freedom of movement

Thanks to its biomechanical design, the Paexo Shoulder is adapted to the body and follows your every movement in the workplace. While wearing this exoskeleton, you can walk, sit and even lift.

Installation and removal fast


The Paexo Shoulder can be put on and taken off in less than 20 seconds with a little practice. Thanks to its easy handling, the exoskeleton can be removed quickly, ideal for breaks and workstation rotation.


The joint follows the movement of the shoulder according to biomechanical principles. Here, the user also adjusts the support force according to the weight of the arm.

detail articulation
detail ottobock

Energy storage

Thanks to its intelligent and purely mechanical cable traction technology, Paexo Soulier facilitates the lifting and holding of the arms. The energy accumulator releases only the amount of energy that the user really needs.

Pelvic girdle

The lap belt is easy to adjust, just like a hiking backpack. Paexo Shoe transfers the weight of the arm directly to the hip without detouring through the back.

ottobock paexo shoulder belt
Spherical joint

Spherical joint


The ball-and-socket joint at the hip allows complete freedom of movement of the upper body.

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