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Ottobock Paexo Neck

Ottobock Paexo Neck for relief of the cervical spine


Relieve neck tension and neck pain

The Ottobock Paexo Neck is for everyone who works with their eyes up. It provides excellent support for the neck and shoulders of the user, relieving the strain on the neck and cervical spine. Fully customizable, this increasingly innovative neck rest integrates several adjustment options to complement your comfort when performing overhead tasks.  


Absolute comfort

Absolute comfort
Very light to wear, the Paexo Neck gently rests the head while closely accompanying its movements. Ideal for working in optimal comfort, even when exposed to several hours of cervical extension per day.


Easy to use
Very easy to put on, the Paexo Neck fits all body sizes without constraint. It systematically follows the wearer's morphology and can be removed in a fraction of a second.


Even more effective
Can be combined with the Paexo Shoulder, this ergonomically advanced neck rest clearly relieves physical strain on the cervical spine, trapezius and back.

100 years of expertise

100 years of expertiseInthe world of orthopaedic technology, every Paexo exoskeleton from ottobock embodies the high quality "Made in Germany" gradually sculpted over the last 100 years.


The Ottobock Paexo Neck exoskeleton is part of our range of exoskeleton solutions.




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