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The AIGOUAL : the ergonomic and eco-responsible seat

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AIGOUAL ergonomic seat 

High level of comfort coupled with unequalled back support, great modularity and eco-friendly sourcing. The AIGOUAL represents the excellence of ergonomic seating.

Entirely designed by ErgoSanté, the AIGOUAL range is the ideal solution in terms of adaptability. If you are looking for a high level of comfort coupled with unequalled back support and a great modularity adapted to all morphologies without sacrificing the design, the AIGOUAL range is made for you. Its sculpted memory foam, its inflatable lumbar support and its exclusive pneumatic cushioning reduce your aches and pains. The eco-responsible materials are locally sourced, its cover is made of recycled marine plastic bottles, its wheels are designed by Philippe STARCK.


A French manufacture and solidarity within our manufacture of the Cevennes recognized Adapted Company.


An eco-responsible design

Its design is the most demanding in terms of eco-responsibility.

Beyond the incomparable comfort that this seat provides, its design is very demanding in terms of eco-responsibility. The wood used for the seat and backrest is French and comes from sustainably managed forests. The fabrics are made from recycled plastic "spotted" at sea by environmental protection associations. The mechanisms are European and ISO14001 certified, the foams are French. The elements usually made of plastic have been replaced by solid beech wood shaped by ErgoSanté. The headrest is a typical example of industrial production in a short circuit. The metal elements are made by a local iron worker. The seat is recyclable through our EcoSiège network.