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The logistician Staci equips itself with HAPO exoskeletons manufactured by ErgoSanté

The list of HAPO exoskeleton users is growing. ErgoSanté is proud to announce the sale of a dozen HAPO exoskeletons to Staci, a logistics platform manager in France and throughout Europe.

After a two-phase test over a year, the logistics platform operator STACI has officially ordered a dozen exoskeletons manufactured by ErgoSanté. The equipment will be operational as of May 5. Eventually, Staci France should obtain a total of 18 HAPO exoskeletons. These devices will be used primarily by employees who are most exposed to biomechanical constraints and work involving heavy loads.

A successful trial for our exoskeletons

Staci's choice of HAPO exoskeletons follows positive feedback from employees after the test phase. The data collected during these tests exceeded expectations:

- ErgoSanté's posture aids significantly reduce the feeling of fatigue at the end of a work day.

- The presence of the lightweight HAPO exoskeleton is barely noticeable to the operators. The movements of the arms, legs and hip remain natural.

Staci testers also note that the HAPO prevents operators from leaning forward too much, effectively supporting the lumbar and upper body. Through this action, the passive exoskeleton reduces the strain on the spine. It also limits tilting and bending of the trunk. Reports of back pain were significantly reduced during the test period.

The operators appreciated the operation of the springs, installed on each side of the body. These mechanisms correct the posture in real time: they redirect the effort to be made by bending the legs. The springs - and theHAPO exoskeleton -thus protect warehouse workers against false movements. Over time, operators become accustomed to the device and naturally adopt good practices to preserve their health on a daily basis.

A logistics giant validates HAPO ErgoSanté exoskeletons

ErgoSanté is proud to help large companies in their efforts to improve the Quality of Life and Working Conditions of their employees. STACI Group operates in a sector where the arduousness of work deserves the attention of employers. 

Innovative exoskeletons for material handlers

A "multi-channel logistics specialist", Staci manages 31 logistics hubs and 250 local storage points in France. Its customers include e-commerce players, public services, tourism companies, health and telecom companies, energy companies, and banks and insurance companies, among others. Staci France's revenues are expected to reach 113 million euros in 2021. The group's international revenues are expected to reach €800 million this year.

Shiva Exo, theexoskeleton developed by Ergosanté Technologie in partnership with Matériel SNCF, was presented in Gilles Bouleau 's TF1 Le JT on 11 June as part of a story set in an SNCF plant in the Bas-Rhin region! 🚊🚋👷‍♀️👷