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Communiqué de presse, Communiqués de presse • 30 mars 2023

The French leader in passive exoskeletons is opening a new factory in the United States


Press release, Wilmington (NC), March 28, 2023

The French leader in passive exoskeletons is opening a new factory in the United States

French company ErgoSanté will have a new manufacturing location in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2023. This strategic investment proves the company’s commitment to the US market, which is projected to represent 50% of its turnover by 2028. WearRAcon 23 will provide an opportunity to present their two latest innovations: the HAPO UP-FRONT, the first 2-1 passive exoskeleton for the upper limbs and the HAPO SENSOR, the first passive exoskeleton’s data sensor created to provide real-time effort analysis.

New factory in Wilmington (NC)

For over 10 years, the ErgoSanté Group has designed, manufactured, and distributed innovative and custom ergonomic solutions in France for health and well-being in the workplace. Its physical assistance devices, leaders in the French market for passive exoskeletons, are recognized worldwide. They equip companies like Louis Vuitton, Sanofi, Airbus, Mars incorporated, and Ford with exoskeletons, and orders keep pouring in, resulting in a growth rate of over 200%. Its postural analysis tool “LEA”, based on artificial intelligence, is made available for free on Google Play and the Apple Store. The Group continues to strengthen its international presence through its 19 local partners, including NUVO, the ErgoSanté’s exclusive distributor dedicated to the American market. In June 2023, ErgoSanté plans to open a new manufacturing location by assembling its first passive exoskeletons “Made in US” in Wilmington, North Carolina. During WearRAcon 23 in New Orleans, the largest North American conference dedicated to Wearable technologies such as exoskeletons, ErgoSanté will symbolically begin the production of its first parts using 3D printing technology.

Hapo Up-Front the first 2-in-1 passive exoskeleton

The Hapo Up-Front is not simply another new exoskeleton designed to assist workers with arms raised above their heads. The device’s uniquely adaptable nature allows it to provide support for both “overhead” tasks, as well as “arms in front” tasks. What makes the Hapo Up-Front so special is its universal approach, which is tailored to both the task at hand and the workers themselves. In less than 2 minutes, it can be easily transformed from the “Front configuration” to the “Up configuration” without requiring any tools. The Hapo Up-Front is the first of its kind, and has been developed with the same key traits as those of the existing HAPO exoskeleton range: ease of use, efficiency, lightweight, and, most importantly, a design centered around humans, around workers.

I am particularly proud of the Hapo Up-Front. Beyond its specification and its efficiency, the Hapo Up-Front integrates exclusive composite materials such as carbon tubes and isoelastic spring blades. It is a clever mix between the mastered technology of the Shiva Exo, the technical expertise of the design team and the feedback from workers in the field.” Samuel Corgne, CEO of ErgoSanté

Scientific data: reduces shoulder muscular activity by up to 40% without impacting postural balance or causing discomfort to users.

Hapo Sensor the world’s first passive exoskeleton sensor

This tool, which can be used from your smartphone, allows you to evaluate the intensity and frequency of the user’s bending. These measurements provide with objectives feedbacks with scientific evidence. These measurements help users to understand the benefits provided by the exoskeleton by measuring the relieved weight during an activity, in both weight and percentage terms.

Most of the time, the commercials and marketing pitches we hear or read are everything but reality. What credibility is there without any science-based evidence? As a doctor in Biomechanics, I need data, I need proof to support what has been said. To do so, the Hapo Sensor has been developed to give objectivity on both the effective use of passive exoskeletons and the benefit for workers.”

Bérenger Le Tellier, Scientific Manager of ErgoSanté

Features: Easy plug in and use; shows intensity and frequency of the user’s bending; provides real-time analysis; shows objective data via analysis reports.


Guénaëlle Thiery – contact presse – g.thiery@ergosante.fr – 07 66 67 08 97

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