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Curative or preventive approach

What's the difference?

Because each person is unique, it is essential that the equipment isadapted to the morphology of each person, according to theactivity and the possible pathology.


The curative approach facilitates access to or retention in employment of a person with situation.


Preventive measures prevent musculoskeletal disorders in all professional sectors.

Ergonomic posture ergosanté

Prevention is cure! 

Designing a healthy workstation

An office can be qualified as ergonomic if all the tools and
furniture used are adaptable and correctly adapted to the user. At the very least, the user must be seated correctly, in a seat that is correctly adjusted according to his or her morphology, with a desk that is as uncluttered as possible. Many accessories are very useful and easy to install to limit the tension on the joints, from the cervicals to the wrists, including the elbows and shoulders.


Limit static positions

Prevention means moving and reducing sedentary lifestyles

The best position is to change it often! The use of a variable height desk therefore helps to avoid static positions. It is also a question of limiting parasitic gestures, repetitive gestures, and deleterious positions, but also, at the same time, static positions. Whether the beneficiary of the arrangement has a pathology or is simply looking for a good quality of life at work, he can find adapted solutions. Our advice : 


  • 20 to 30 min walk or bike ride
  • Get up regularly every hour
  • Do small sitting and standing exercises


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How to choose your seat?

An ergonomic office chair allows you to adopt a good posture on a daily basis, in a preventive or curative way, thus avoiding back pain due to prolonged sitting. Our recommendations and product selections in this area. 


The choice of the seat is made according to the size, the weight, and the possible areas of the body of the user to relieve. A preventive seat is suitable for all employees and agents with sensitive backs who wish to be comfortable and healthy.


A curative seat allows to limit the pains generated by possible pathologies, following operations, or to compensate a handicap.


The size of the seat depends on the length of the femur. Once seated, the end of the seat should be 3 to 8 cm away from the inner fold of the knee (it should be possible to pass 2 to 3 fingers between the knee and the seat). The width should allow the entry/exit of the seat without hindrance, while allowing the armrests to be close, so as to keep the arms along the body, and the shoulders relaxed.


The size of the backrest depends on the height of the chest and the support points required or not (lumbar area to be supported? spine to be supported?). A headrest can provide support as soon as the head is moved back a few centimeters. The use of armrests depends on the shape of the desk, their height must be adapted so that the shoulders are completely relaxed.



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