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Data protection

Commitment to the protection of personal data

Ergosanté specialises in the design and distribution of tailor-made ergonomic solutions to maintain the employment of disabled workers and improve working conditions.

Since 2018, Ergosanté has been engaged in a process of compliance of its systems and practices, in application of the European Data Protection Regulation - n° 2016/679 (RGPD).

The purpose of this commitment is to describe the operating principles adopted by Ergosanté in order to comply with the regulations and to protect the privacy of individuals whose data is processed. Ergosanté is gradually implementing all the systems and procedures necessary to comply with these principles.

The Undertaking also specifies the general framework for the processing of personal data carried out by Ergosanté and, in this sense, aims to provide the persons concerned with the necessary information.

Data processed by Ergosanté

Ergosanté works in close collaboration with its users, clients, suppliers and partners, and as a result collects personal information through its activities, some of which can be used to identify individuals.

In accordance with the legislation in force, Ergosanté has adopted the principle of minimisation in the collection and only collects data that is strictly necessary for the objective pursued and explained to the natural persons concerned, leaving them free to exercise their rights.

Commercial relations

The data processed by Ergosanté for its customers, suppliers and partners are :

  • Identifying data: surname, first name 
  • Contact data: address, email, phone number

Users of Ergosanté equipment

The data processed by Ergosanté for the users of its solutions are :

  • Identifying data: surname, first name
  • Contact data: email, phone
  • Morphological data (height, weight and other information useful for the manufacture of the materials)

Information processing

Legal basis

The treatments carried out by Ergosanté are based on the following legal bases:

  • The consent of the person concerned (contact requests or requests for quotes in particular)
  • The execution of a contract (manufacture or purchase of equipment in particular)
  • The legitimate interest of the controller
  • A legal obligation to carry out the processing


The personal data mentioned above will be used by Ergosanté within the framework of its activities. They will only be used within the strict limits defined by the legislation in force.

Ergosanté is likely to use an individual's personal data for the following purposes in particular:

  • In order to record it on its information systems and manage the delivery and invoicing of the solutions provided by Ergosanté,
  • In order to manufacture a material in accordance with the user's needs (morphological data in particular),
  • For the purpose of complying with its legal obligations,
  • For the purposes of monitoring, critical review and improvement of its offer,
  • In order to keep records for internal administrative use (claims, loyalty etc.),
  • For canvassing purposes (by email or via social networks)
  • For purposes of exchanging with suppliers and paying invoices.

Collection of information

Direct collection

Ergosanté collects the contact details of its interlocutors (users, clients, suppliers and partners):

  • By direct contact (face-to-face meeting, telephone conversation) 
  • By mail contact 
  • Via its institutional website :
    • Contact Form 
  • Via the online shop :
    • Contact Form
    • Quote request form
    • Customer account creation form

Whenever possible, telephone contact is confirmed by sending an e-mail, allowing the person concerned to keep a written record of the conversation and to be able to exercise his or her rights at any time.


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How and for how long is the data stored?

Processing operations are carried out on the data contained in Ergosanté's files and databases, applying strict control rules in accordance with the state of the art technology and the recommendations of the competent control authority.

Security of personal data

Ergosanté takes all useful precautions to preserve the security and confidentiality of personal data and in particular to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Ergosanté is gradually extending the scope of its security measures and developing specific procedures to take account of the regulation.

Data retention and archiving

The shelf life depends on the activity concerned, the nature of the contact (customer or prospect) and the uses of the sector.

  • Ergosanté has set the default retention period for personal data at five years.
  • Some data are kept for a shorter period of time:
    • Cookies expire thirteen months after they were last updated.
    • Prospect data is deleted after a period of 3 years without response to any solicitation.
  • Ergosanté keeps certain mandatory documents (invoices etc.) according to the legal retention period.
  • The duration is sometimes linked to the relevance or necessity of its processing: customer data are kept for the duration of the business relationship or data in directories are kept for the duration of the mandates of the data subjects.

Older data is archived, strict access control is then activated. Data that is no longer required is destroyed.

Who has access to the personal data collected?

At Ergosanté

The personal data collected are accessible to the various Ergosanté departments depending on the processing required, in particular :

  • Sales department for order processing, deliveries
  • Manufacturing department for the design and manufacture of adapted equipment
  • Accounting department for invoice management
  • Sales department and Webmaster for the online shop

Outside of Ergosanté

Ergosanté is likely to transfer the personal data it holds to various third parties such as :

  • service providers, subcontractors and suppliers in order to perform services on its behalf (e.g. technical services, manufacture of equipment),
  • other companies, financial organizations or law enforcement agencies/departments for the prevention or detection of fraud, where such disclosure is necessary to preserve Ergosanté's rights,
  • in cases where the law so provides or at the formal request of an authority (in particular in the context of legal proceedings), public, para-public or private bodies in the context of a public service mission.

Only data useful for the execution of the contract is provided, and no sensitive data is shared outside Ergosanté. 

Working arrangements with third parties

In the event that personal data is transferred to a third party for any reason (e.g. a subcontracting service), Ergosanté applies the conditions defined by the legislation in force, in particular informing the persons concerned of this transfer.

Ergosanté will carry out a campaign with its sub-contractors within the meaning of the RGPD to control the conformity of contracts and the conditions for carrying out processing operations relating to personal data.

Obtaining personal data from third parties

Ergosanté may receive from third parties (employers and partners in particular) personal data such as surname, first name, e-mail address, telephone number, in order to execute a contract for the supply of equipment.

This data is used to ensure the proper manufacture of the requested equipment. 

Morphological data is collected exclusively from the data subject if the latter agrees to provide it.

The data is added to the file at the time the quotations are drawn up and is used solely for the purpose of carrying out the case. They are only accessible to Ergosanté's sales and manufacturing teams, as well as any subcontractors. 

Are data transferred outside the EU?

Ergosanté does not transfer any personal data outside the European Union.  

Who can you contact to exercise your rights?

Ergosanté has adapted its organization to meet the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation and to provide any person with information on the personal data held about them, as well as on the processing carried out on this data.

Any request related to the exercise of rights (access, opposition, limitation, rectification, portability, deletion) must be sent via our contact form. This request must include as much detail as possible so that it can be processed upon receipt within a maximum period of 30 days, in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation.

In case of doubt, proof of identity may be requested in order to process the request.

Anyone can contact directly the Control Authority of their country (for France, the CNIL ).