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Ergonomic innovation for health and well-being at work

The history of ErgoSanté has been linked since the beginning, in 2013, to the notion of maintaining employment for employees with disabilities. Initially thought of as the " Pharmacy of occupational medicine ", the company has gradually evolved towards the manufacture of ergonomic furniture and physical assistance devices dedicated to relieving all employees at work. Naturally, employees with disabilities were hired to create a virtuous circle: employees with disabilities serving other employees with disabilities.

Since then, the company has extended its offer to all employees, including those who wish to improve their comfort.

A strong identity

Anduze in the Cevennes, birthplace of the ErgoSanté factory

The factory is anchored in the Cévennes Gardoises, a land with a strong identity, with the clear objective of supporting the local economy by creating non relocatable jobs. We are committed to the community to be a place of welcome for people far from employment, especially disabled workers. ErgoSanté Production has been recognized Entreprise Adaptée in 2019 by the DREETS (approval 76 19 024). We are committed to producing quality products, made in France and respectful of the environment.

ERGOSANTE Our location in Anduze

Our Cévennes factory

A wide range of preventive, curative or custom-made products

 ErgoSanté, it's the choice among hundreds of references, at the best price. The ergonomic chairsthe configuration and improvement of the workstationworkstation, the exoskeletonsexoskeletons, special special equipment nothing has been left to chance. 


As a manufacturer ofexoskeletons we offer a range of innovative and proven exoskeletons: the HAPOthe HAPO SDthe HAPO MS


As a manufacturer of ergonomic seating responsible, we offer a range of seating products preventive, curative and made-to-measure ergonomic, custom-made, design, eco-responsible and innovative. The eco-responsible seat AIGOUALthe preventive seat ANDUZEthe ergonomic reference ERGO PREMIUMthe COMPACTdedicated to limited spaces and high positions, theERGO CRIB dedicated to low seating positions.


 ErgoSanté is recognized by the biggest names in the tertiary, food-processing, construction, early childhood, school, medical, industrial and logistics sectors, thanks to you, who renew your trust in us every year.


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Company name
Ergosanté SA
28 ZA Labahou
30140 Anduze - France
Samuel Corgne
Reference shareholders
Investment fund Mutuelle Impact
Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier
Label and approvals
Adapted company
Young innovative company
Organization working for the integration of
disabled people