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How can we be supported?

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You have the opportunity to support us as anactor of the social and solidarity economy dedicated to health and well-being at work. By purchasing our products, our DREETS approvals give you the opportunity to be part of a socially responsible approach that boosts your ESG/RSE while optimizing your Agefiph/Fiphfp contribution.

Are you a private or public organization with more than 20 employees?

Our products are deductible from your Agefiph/Fiphfp contribution


ErgoSanté Production is recognized as an "Adapted Company" (EA) by the DREETS. As such, when you buy new or reconditioned products, you benefit from a deduction of the price (before tax and before discount) of your product on your OETH contribution. A certificate relating to these solidarity purchases is sent to you at the beginning of each year for the previous fiscal year. It allows you to value your approach in your ESG/RSE policy.

As every year, any structure employing 20 or more employees must meet its obligation to employ 6% of workers with disabilities. You wish to check if your structure is liable for this legal obligation?


AGEFIPH simulation

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ErgoSanté Production, Adapted Company (EA) B&W 5
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Are you a private employer?

Support ErgoSanté by giving it 10% of your Agefiph contribution


ErgoSanté is an "organization working for the social and professional integration of people with disabilities" recognized by the DREETS. This mission is part of its statutes and gives access to any private law employer subject to the obligation of employment of disabled workers to pay an annual contribution representing an amount strictly equal to 10% of its contribution due to the AGEFIPH (excluding sponsorship). Support our action! As part of our partnership, you will receive an expenditure agreement to be used in your ESG/RS approach. The sums collected will be allocated to the realization of the social project of our Adapted Company.


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You are a company under an approved agreement or AGEFIPH agreement?

Support ErgoSanté by participating in the financing of its activities


Employers may fulfill their employment obligation by applying an approved branch, group or company agreement providing for the implementation of a multi-year program in favor of disabled workers, for a maximum period of three years, renewable once as of 2020. This may take the form of assistance for the training of disabled workers and/or management staff; provision of skills; assistance with the financing of equipment or software; development of specific projects; assistance with the implementation of adaptations required by the disability; etc. The sums collected will be allocated to the realization of the social project of our Adapted Company.


They support us


ErgoSanté Production, Adapted Company (EA) B&W 1

ErgoSanté production in figures

67% of people with disabilities

+ More than 80% of its production workshops are staffed by people with RQTH status


Adapted companies... a limited but unique place within the systems dedicated to the professional integration of disabled workers. Born out of the former sheltered workshops, the so-called adapted companies have been part of the ordinary working environment since 2005, but they have the particularity of having to include at least 55% disabled workers in their production workforce, to whom they must provide specific support. Adapted companies therefore have a key social role to play in the integration of disabled people into the workforce under ordinary working conditions. By purchasing products from our production workshops, you are participating in the integration of disabled people while boosting your ESG/RSE and optimizing your Agefiph/Fiphfp contribution.



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