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ErgoSanté commercial guarantee

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ERGOSANTE seats Manufacture des Cévennes :


New seats: GROUPE ERGOSANTE offers a 5-year warranty on the components (i.e. base, mechanism, seat structure and backrest structure) of its new seats in the event of defects in design, structural materials or manufacture, provided that the seats have been properly used and maintained (see below) for jobs requiring a maximum of 8 hours' use per day. If our seats are used for more than 8 hours a day, the components are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Our commercial warranty does not apply to wear and tear of foam/fabric, jacks, wheels, armrests and headrests, which is caused by the use of the seats and depends on their environment, it being understood that we strive to manufacture seats of the highest quality, in particular our fabrics, which are certified OEKO TEX Standard 100, with a minimum abrasion resistance of 100,000 rpm (ISO 12947/2), light resistance of 6 (ISO 105 B02), friction resistance of 4/5 (ISO 105 X12) and fire resistance EN1021 1&2.

In the event of a defect in the components actually observed by our services, GROUPE ERGOSANTE will (i) send you replacement components accompanied by assembly instructions or (ii) come to your site to replace them.

In any case, the warranty applies only to the replacement of components, excluding replacement labor and component delivery costs, which will be charged to the customer upon quotation.


Reconditioned seats: GROUPE ERGOSANTE reconditions its own-brand seats at its Manufacture des Cévennes, as well as high-quality seats from other manufacturers.

We offer a warranty for the components of these reconditioned seats under the same conditions as those applied to the components of our new seats detailed above, but only for a period of 1 year.

If the fabric has been changed by us at the time of repackaging (this information is indicated on the product sheet), we also offer to replace it in our workshops for a period of 1 year, at our expense, in the event of a defect detected by our services.


GROUPE ERGOSANTE guarantees our exoskeletons against spring breakage and abnormal fabric deterioration for 1 year, under the same conditions as the commercial warranty offered on seat components.



It is understood that our commercial warranty will not apply in the event that the defect observed affecting our seats and exoskeletons results from one of the following cases:

  • Normal lack of maintenance, bearing in mind that we recommend (i) for our seats, at least once a year, for fabrics, vacuuming the seating areas and for plastic and metal parts, using a clean sponge moistened with neutral water, without detergent, to remove stains (ii) for our exoskeletons, regular cleaning adapted to their frequency of use, in accordance with the relevant advice in the user manual;
  • Non-compliance with normal conditions of use and the intended uses of our seats and exoskeletons as detailed in their updated user manuals, which can be accessed via the link for exoskeletons and for seats (video instructions);
  • Normal wear and tear ;
  • Any mishandling ;
  • Any dismantling not approved by us;
  • Non-compliance with user weight limits specified on seat data sheets;




We can also take care of the maintenance of all the seat categories we sell (annual service at an extra charge).


GROUPE ERGOSANTE undertakes to keep all components (as listed above) of its seats available for sale for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.


Seats: ERGOSANTE offers its customers the same warranty on these seats as that offered by the manufacturer of the seat in question, with details of the warranty given on the product sheet.

Ergonomic accessories: GROUPE ERGOSANTE offers its customers the same commercial warranties on all the ergonomic accessories it sells, as those offered by its suppliers, for the duration of the "manufacturer's commercial warranty" concerned, as specified in the technical data sheets and our invoices.