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CSR & sustainability approach

ErgoSanté, a regenerative enterprise

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regenerative & circular economy

Controlling the sovereignty and life cycle of our products

We place economic, social and environmental concerns at the heart of our strategy, reflecting our vision for a more sustainable future. On a daily basis, we strive to design products that respect the environment by using recycled and eco-sourced materials. We strive to favor ethical and local or French suppliers, or failing that, European suppliers. We evaluate the impact of our products on the environment throughout their life cycle and recondition used products via EcoSiège for reuse

Recognized CSR & ESG

ErgoSanté won the ESG Grand Prix des Lionnes award in recognition of its commitment to environmental, social and governance issues. The business magazine Challenges named ErgoSanté one of France's nine best small and medium-sized companies.

sustainability strategy

"ErgoSanté's ambition is to improve occupational health based on the principles of the regenerative and circular economy in order to negate the effects of its growth on the environment and improve its overall societal impact."


Reclaiming the territory by developing a responsible economy that cannot be relocated.

We contribute to the strategy of reconquering the territories by refocusing ourby refocusing all our production in Francecreating of jobs jobs and local wealth that cannot be relocated.


Responsibly source our products using ethical and local materials.

We control our raw materials by selecting our suppliers ethically and locallyin France or (failing that) in Europe and pursue the objective of producing a of our components in-house.


Limit our carbon emissions by using our own energy.

We produce by consuming theenergy produced by our photovoltaic farm to reduce the carbon emissions of our activities.


Use resources sustainably by systematizing the circular economy.

We are developing our reconditioning, upcycling or recycling of used furniture under the brand EcoSiègebrand, with the aim ofabsorbing the environmental impact of the products at the end of their life that are entrusted to us. 


Regenerate ecosystems by creating carbon sinks around the world.

We organize reforestation campaigns in Madagascar, participating in the carbon offsetting of our products and proposing it to our customers in order to accompany them in their environmental performance.


To preserve the human being while respecting the common social and environmental well-being.

We believe that a successful company is a regenerative company that takes care of the most fragile and the planet.