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Naturally simple to use, discreet, light and free of all superfluous our HAPO range of exoskeletons is both innovative and easily accepted by its acceptable to its users.


Throughout their development cycle, our exoskeletons are evaluated in the laboratory are evaluated in the laboratory in order to keep only the essential functions for the user.


The simpler the better!


ErgoSanté's exoskeletons are the solution to back, shoulder and elbow problems.

HAPO MS lightweight exoskeleton



ErgoSanté's strength lies in its in-house design office and laboratory, which give it a unique capacity to develop, test and optimize each of its projects with agility. 

Test Lab 12

Originally, the SHIVA EXO

It was in 2016 that ErgoSanté developed its first exoskeleton in partnership with the SNCF. The company won the call for projects by developing the SHIVA EXO, a multifunctional passive exoskeleton distributed in the railway operator's technical centers. This collaboration allows ErgoSanté to develop a know-how and a cutting-edge technology that are quickly distinguished. Our products combine the best of innovation with excellence. Our technological innovations are based on a rigorous and relevant methodology centered on the needs of the end user. ErgoSanté's strength lies in its in-house design office and laboratory, which give it a unique capacity to develop, test and optimize each of its projects with agility.

The HAPO exoskeleton

TheHAPO exoskeleton is intended for all people who need a physical assistance device (PAD) for the back and/or for people whose job is considered back-breaking. Developed by ErgoSanté based on customer feedback, this flexible posture harness, marketed since 2022, replaces its predecessor which it surpasses by its reinforced comfort and improved user experience


The HAPO SD exoskeleton

TheHAPO SD exoskeleton (without unlocking) is a posture harness particularly dedicated todemanding work stations with full dynamic flexion and low mobility thanks to an adapted assistance . Designed to reduce the strain on the back muscles by redirecting the efforts of the upper trunk through pectoral support to the thighs. It promotes good postural maintenance in flexion thanks to its belt specifically designed to encourage the user to save his back.

The HAPO MS exoskeleton

TheHAPO MS exoskeleton was developed at the initiative of ErgoSanté to protect the shoulders and elbows of workers subjected to repetitive movements or work requiring prolonged postures (arms forward). Light and intuitive, it was immediately adopted by the agricultural sector, then by many industrialists. It helps concretely in the fight against work arduousness and its consequences. The HAPO MS exoskeleton is a well thought-out solution combining continuous efficiency and freedom of movement

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Our range of exoskeletons and Physical Assistance Devices (PADs) is also available for sale online directly from our store. So don't wait any longer, if you want to reduce your musculoskeletal disorders or improve your sitting posture.