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HAPO: innovation for your back

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A solution to concretely reduce the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders



The HAPO is dedicated toassisting workers in a standing position whose postural or articular constraints contribute to the difficulty of their work. It relieves the back and helps maintain a good posture, whether in full flexion or standing. By partially redirecting the efforts of the upper trunk - pectoral support - towards the thighs with the help of the springs and by maintaining - without restraint - the lumbar vertebrae with the help of its belt, the HAPO participates significantly in the reduction of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). The belt allows for the maintenance of the lumbar region without restraint. 


If the principle in static standing or dynamic bending position remains the same, the latter offers a increased comfort and an comfort and improved user experience.


It exists in version without unlocking (HAPO SD).


An easy to use posture harness.


Discreet, light and easy to handle, the ErgoSanté HAPO is simple to use(40s to put it on, 15s to take it off), available in 3 sizes and fits 98% of morphologies. The HAPO can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its breathable and water-repellent fabrics, washable with a wipe without disassembling, or machine washable by separating the spring part from the textile part (no tools required).

Very light

Very light
1,1 kg

Simple et rapide
< 40s de mise en place

< 15s de retrait

Freedom of movement

quick release

in 1 click


Uses no source

of external energy



breathable, water repellent, washable

efficiency / price / excellence

The cheapest exoskeleton in its category.


The springs of the HAPO posture harness are made of composite materials, this solution is a real innovation in the field of physical assistance devices called "exoskeletons" or "ergoskeletons"! This expertise differentiates us from our competitors. Its mastery allows us to design a solution that is more efficient than devices that are 5 times more expensive. The HAPO is the cheapest exoskeleton in its category. 


Laboratory tests have shown a -20% reduction in the strain on the back muscles (longissimus and latissimus dorsi) for standing and full flexion tasks with the exoskeleton. The new Hapo does not interfere with postural balance. The subjects expressed an improved feeling due to wearing the exoskeleton. Biomechanical evaluation study in May 2022.

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