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Exos Solution

Do you back pain that prevents you that prevents you from moving properly?


Do you suffer from an injury that limits your mobility?


Do you have posture problems that affect your quality of life?


Do you feel limited in your daily activities because of your back pain?


Have you ever used an exoskeleton to help relieve your pain?



More and more companies are concerned about the well-being of their employees. Thanks to the evolution of technology, there are now tools that contribute in large part to lightening the physical load of workers. 


This is how the company ErgoSanté, French specialist in ergonomic equipment and manufacturer of manufacturer of exoskeletons in France, had the idea of designing equipment adapted to users.


This includes theexoskeleton or ergoskeleton, a revolutionary physical assistance device (PAD) designed to improve the working conditions of employees. 

Its goal? To reduce their musculoskeletal disorders. 


Three major products are highlighted: the Hapothe Hapo Front and the Hapo SD.


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What is an exoskeleton?

As its name suggests, an exoskeleton or ergoskeleton is an external skeleton, unlike the endoskeleton. This tool has become an important element that can be adapted to the needs of the human body. It was first used by the U.S. military and then it was introduced in the working world. An exoskeleton is generally an external mechanical device that allows an artificial articulation. Motorized or not, it takes the form of an external prosthesis to allow the user to interact with his environment.


Why use the ErgoSanté exoskeleton?

There are several reasons for using an exoskeleton at work. It should be noted that the main reason is the preservation of the health of employees subject to occupational risks.


- To maintain mobility

As the exoskeleton promotes muscular activity, particularly in the lumbar area, it adapts to the user's movements to give him or her the confidence to carry out their gestures. The user can thus constantly maintain his productivity.


- To prevent and remedy musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs, also called lumbago, are the main reasons for work stoppage. They cause instability in the professional activities of an employee, but also have socio-economic impacts on a company. The role of a device specially designed by ErgoSanté is to prevent and remedy musculoskeletal disorders.


- To limit the impact of movements on the spine

When a person often works on repetitive handling of loads, he or she often adopts postures that are hard on the spine. The use of an exoskeleton relieves the impact of these movements on the vertebrae.


- To relieve the shoulders

In addition to reducing musculoskeletal disorders, the exoskeleton also provides relief for the shoulders. This is especially the case for people working several hours at a desk. As you can see, the products are specially designed to offer ergonomic solutions to workers to prevent and relieve back pain.

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