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news - April 7, 2023

Reconditioned chairs and furniture: EcoSiège's all-encompassing response to corporate issues

Covid-19 has changed the way businesses, communities and individuals view their work environment. More comfortable, redesigned offices and seating, flexible schedules, and environmental and social issues are now a given for many workers.

Concerned about companies' portfolios and responding to their CSR criteria, EcoSiège did not wait for these changes to develop an eco-responsible professional furniture offer. How can we do it? The answer is in the recycled furniture, upcycled and reconditioned in our workshop in Anduze, in the Cevennes.

Reasonably priced furniture for everyone

Furnishing an office or a home office requires a substantial budget. A new ergonomic chair costs 200 euros for a basic model and up to 1500 euros or more for a state-of-the-art version. Now, imagine a company that needs to replace a hundred chairs in the short or medium term: the bill could quickly skyrocket.

The ErgoSanté group's recycling branch solves this very problem. EcoSiège recovers obsolete and unused chairs from large companies, SMEs, communities and individuals throughout France. In our factory, these old pieces of furniture are given a second youth under the expert hands of our craftsmen. They are evaluated, cleaned, repaired and reconditioned before being returned to near new condition.

EcoSiège's approach is based above all on a financial logic. The chairs renovated in our premises are up to 50% less expensive than a new seat.

Reconditioned seats at reasonable prices

Seats that are compatible with companies' CSR approaches

The Pact law and the Civil Code reformed in 2019 require companies to integrate a CSR dimension into the management of their activities. This obligation concerns TTIs, VSEs, SMEs and publicly traded companies. The largest companies must also carry out ESG reporting.

This document informs the public and the authorities about the social and environmental impacts of their activities. For these actors, every action with a CSR dimension deserves to be highlighted, in order to prove their commitment to the environment, the well-being of employees and local employment, among others.

The purchase of refurbished chairs by EcoSiège fulfills all these criteria. Our reconditioned chairs leave a much smaller carbon footprint than new chairs. The difference can be up to -42 kg of CO2 depending on the furniture and its components. Several factors explain the low carbon cost of our products:

- A production based on used chairs

Our factory in Anduze uses few materials from the extraction sector, which is known to be very polluting. Our production is essentially based on out-of-use seats of all brands, collected by Valdelia and other partner organizations.

- A local production circuit

France produces each year approximately 130 000 tons of waste from professional furniture. EcoSiège draws on this "local" and almost infinite reserve to produce reconditioned office chairs that retain their initial qualities.

- A model that complies with the anti-waste law

Despite the implementation of the AGEC law in several industries, the recycling rate of used business furniture is struggling to exceed 16%. Our model, based on recycling, upcycling and reconditioning of ergonomic chairs, helps companies comply with their obligations under the anti-waste law now.

Inclusive seating

ErgoSanté has always been concerned about the needs of employees and workers with disabilities. The group has kept this approach when creating EcoSiège. Our company operates the first and only seat reconditioning workshop recognized as an Adapted Company in France.

More than 55% of the employees of our factory in Anduze are disabled. For this reason, our refurbished chairs are especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and companies that wish to promote their environmental and inclusion policies.

No compromise on quality, comfort and reliability

The ergonomic chairs recycled by EcoSiège recover their original qualities. These used seats offer a level of comfort and safety comparable, if not better than new models.

Some models even benefit from a beneficial upgrade for our customers. Seats without headrests or 4D armrests can be fitted with these new functions in our workshop. As a sign of our commitment to quality, we offer a one-year warranty on all seats reconditioned by us, regardless of the brand.