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News, Press review - January 31, 2023

Reconditioned professional furniture, what are the advantages?   

What if you were to put your company in the green? Synonymous with environmental performance and brand image improvement, refurbished furniture is making a noticeable appearance in the professional space. This trend ofeco-responsible furnishing is part of the CSR actions implemented by companies or communities to contribute to sustainable development issues. Indeed, they are increasingly focusing on anti-waste furniture to meet environmental concerns in the face of the climate emergency.

Recovered, reused or upcycled, eco-responsible approaches to reuse professional furniture are becoming increasingly attractive! But what are the real advantages?

A concept that reconciles economic and environmental issues

Encouraged by carbon neutrality goals or even the anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC), firms in every sector are aligning themselves with the repackaging trend. Purchasing refurbished desks or reconditioned chairs or desks is therefore an appropriate part of their CSR strategies or responsible purchasing policies. 

Second-hand seats are more environmentally friendly than new models. Fully committed to reuse, they reduce waste and carbon emissions related to production. Investing in second-hand furniture therefore ensures an effective limitation of its carbon footprint.  

This upgraded furniture is also economically very advantageous. Sold well below new prices, it is conducive to substantial savings for the company. They benefit from a lower purchase cost while contributing to the reduction of waste and the protection of the environment. Reconditioned chairs are a sustainable and responsible choice that reconciles economic and environmental issues.

Reconditioned furniture, a guarantee of performance?  

Contrary to popular belief, second-hand furniture is not always old, outdated or in a state of disrepair. The furniture collected and refurbished does promise comfort and well-being to its users. Offering a choice as varied as the new catalogs, companies can easily find the model that will match the spirit of their premises.

Seats, desks and accessories are being given a new lease on life through initiatives that promote efficient reconditioning processes. The development of professional premises and specialized craftsmen allows us to optimize the life expectancy of furniture while offering real performance guarantees. Reconditioned furniture is fully cleaned and overhauled. Some parts can sometimes be replaced to improve efficiency and safety. The recycled versions are then just as functional as the new ones and perfectly preserve their benefits for the users.

Companies have no worries about quality. When refurbished by competent professionals, refurbished furniture is as good as new! Whatever the needs of companies in terms of furnishing, they can find their happiness in the second hand. Open space, reception room and even telecommuting, they are all gradually turning to this efficient and sustainable consumption mode!

Second-hand furniture, an initiative to boost its attractiveness

CSR and ecological initiatives are now a real challenge for a company's brand image. For example, they have the possibility to meet environmental criteria that can allow them to establish a "greener" marketing image. This environmental promise can also weigh in the balance when choosing between a company or its competitor. More and more large firms are choosing to use furniture made from recycled materials and the circular economy. They show their commitment in the fight against global warming through a concrete responsible action.